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Yoga Retreats Sri Lanka

Local Experiences

Discover Sri Lankan Landscapes & Culture

yoga retreats sri lanka

Enjoy nature, learn about the culture and meet our neighbors

All the experiences we have created are around our local community. To meet and greet, to learn from them, and smile with them. This is also to create work within this small area, giving them the possibility to work with us together to give you a great time.

All activities we organize are including transport, lunch and a guide to ensure you have a stress-free experience whilst staying at Welikande Estate.


Yoga Immersion

Created to give you a deeper understanding and experience of the 8 limbs of yoga, how the practice is a part of a lifestyle and how this has a positive influence on our well-being.


The teacher will provide you with answers to any questions you might have and how you could continue integrating yoga as a lifestyle after leaving Welikande Estate.

Tea Plantation & Waterfall Tour

By tuk-tuk, you will drive through the Tea plantations to 5 waterfalls followed by a short walk to the waterfall for a refreshing swim if you wish.

There will be a picnic provided and a visit to a local tea shop for hot tea and Short eats.

Along the way, there are fantastic views and chances to meet the Tea-picking crews they have to pick 20kg of fresh tea leaves a day. Its a tough life but they love to stop for a photo.

IMG_0802 (1).JPG

Spa Wellness Treatment

Spa is a traditional Hindu system of medicine that is based on the idea of balance in bodily systems and uses diet, herbal treatment, and yogic breathing. Through the use of local herbs and oils, the physical body receives a deep relaxing massage, which then has positive effects on the mind. The treatment includes a herbal steam bath, traditionally called Vashta Swedha. By the use of steam, infused with medicinal herbs pores and skin will be cleansed.

Heeloya Trek

You will find yourself in the company of one of our state-licensed tour guides for a beautiful trek in the Heeloya National Park. The guides will tell you all about the different herbs and spices that grow around and are used in the food we serve. The trek is a great experience to profoundly connect with the elements of nature, as taken from the ancient teachings within Buddhism. You hike through rice paddies, tea plantations, pine forests, and past villagers’ homes to get a sense of the landscape and culture. We eat lunch at a waterfall, where you have the opportunity to take a refreshing swim before we head back to Welikande.

trekking 2.jpeg

High Knuckles Trek

Named after its uncanny likeness to human knuckles, the Knuckles Mountain Range is a gorgeous UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popular spot for hikers. This trek is made for hikers who love a challenge.


The 17-26km hike takes you to the highest peak and provides spectacular views of the rolling hills and valley below. 

Local cooking experience

A trip to Sri Lanka would be incomplete without an introduction to Sri Lankan cooking. We start the day with a short Tuk Tuk ride then a 3km hike into the rice paddies where we meet up with a local female cook who with her families help have recreated from mud and wood 2 authentic Rice paddy houses.

On this day you get to make your own lunch in an outdoor kitchen with a view of mountains and rice paddy fields. Most of the ingredients like jackfruit, green leaves, coconuts, and other fruits and vegetables will be harvested directly on the property before cooking. Enjoy lunch sitting cross-legged on the first floor

After lunch, there is sometimes work to be done in the rice paddies harvesting or planting with the mud between your toes.

 Then down to the river for a swim.

Supun will act as a guide and interpreter.

Image by Pix Ninty Four

Kandy Culture Tour

Kandy is both an administrative and religious city. Home to Sri Lanka’s famous Temple of the Tooth Relic, one of the most sacred places of worship in the Buddhist world.   Kandy Lake is an artificial creation by one of the past rulers and today, it is a scenic centrepiece of the town. There are many places you can visit on the tour for example The Tooth Temple Royal Botanical Gardens, Kandy View Point, Dalada, and many great places to shop and eat. 

Mandala Painting

We have created a lovely peaceful art room that you are welcome to use at any time during your stay.
Mandala painting is an ancient art form that takes the form of meditation and centering we are very privileged to have a fantastic art teacher to guide you through the process.
You are very welcome to take home your wooden disc with you or it will hang with the others in reception.


Our popular art retreat mandala day
Image by Pix Ninty Four

Ayruveda introduction

  We would like to introduce Dr Don  a licensed Ayurveda Doctor  B.A. who will be your guide today to explain the basic principles of Ayurveda  the day is split into sections of approximately 1 hour

They are

An Introduction to Ayurveda

A walk through our gardens to introduce some of the plants  used

Explaining about dosha and noting each participant's dosha body type

Ayurveda themed lunch 

Explaining to each participant their particular dosha body type with recommendations of foods and daily practice.

Ayurvedic Astrology an explanation.

We will finish with a chanted mantra

This is a group activity.

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