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the story of Welikande

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Meet Michael and Tush - your hosts during your stay at Welikande.

They met in 2016; Tush was a tourist guide and Michael needed somebody to set up adventure tours at the Welikande Center. Although Michael fell in love within 30 seconds, it took Tush 6 months to acknowledge their connection... they have been in love ever since.


Our Story

Michael first came to Sri Lanka in 1983 as a traveler and felt a strong connection to the land and the people. More than a decade ago, he bought property in Sri Lanka on a whim. His original plan of building a quaint summer house unexpectedly transformed into owning 12 acres of land and 6 homes on a mountain top. Although English by birth, he lived in Denmark for 17 years before relocating permanently to Sri Lanka. 

Tush rebelled against Sri Lankan customs by running off with the bad boy from next door when she was only 15. She managed a variety of businesses with her husband at the time, but when she left him a few years later she had to find a new endeavour to make a living. She started taking in lodgers of up to 50 people providing them 3 meals a day on a small budget. Her style of cooking is a fusion between traditional Sri Lankan and European flavors, that has developed into an ever expanding menu as they travel more outside the country. Her grandfather was an Ayurvedic doctor and passed on traditional knowledge which she uses in her cooking and magic potions. 

"Our mission is to create a home away from home for many people, particularly young travellers,

so they can feel safe and loved for a few precious days."


Meet The Team

Our Ethos


We try to reduce our waste by composting, avoiding single-use plastic and making a water refill station available to guests. We are always learning and adapting new ways to be come eco-friendly.


The hotel directly supports 10 local families and have many others who rely on tourism like shop keepers and trekking guides. We do not discriminate against ethnicity, caste or religion. 

More Plants

All meals we serve are vegetarian, mostly sourced from the village market or our backyard. Plant-based food help to reduce our carbon footprint and nourish you for the retreat.

Clean Energy

We use solar energy to power all outdoor lights. Our rooms don't have AC because we believe it's not necessary in the cool mountains and wastes energy.  


Farm-to-table is always our goal. We grow our own coffee, fruit, and veggies. We also shop at the local market and try to utilise all the edible plants in our environment.

Animal welfare

You will meet Rocky & Whitey, our rescue dogs that live here. We get our eggs from Pushba, who keeps the chickens at her house and we don't serve any eat, chicken or fish on the property.