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Introduction to Raja Yoga

We had a visit at Welikande Yoga Retreats from Vigo (Denmark), a Raja Yoga practitioner since 1985. In this video, hear all about the mindful practice of Raja Yoga meditation.

Raja Yoga is not physical, it is mental, based on concentration and focus and on the third eye. Awareness of being a soul, and awareness of our internal qualities, such as peace, love and bliss - the spiritual qualities.

Vigo talks to us about the meditation practice and how you focus on the source, the third eye, to experience these qualities. During meditation, he says, we keep our eyes slightly open and rest our eyes on an object in front of us. After a while, we experience a sense of peace from this region, which will spread down to your heart and the rest of your body.

Keeping the eyes open help to keep away the stray thoughts from the subconscious. This type of meditation can be practiced at anytime or any place, you can do this walking not just sitting.

Our dear guests from Singapore, Kuwait and London experienced a special Raja Yoga meditation session with Vigo during their retreat.

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