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Traditional Natural Medicine: Ayurveda

At Welikande Estate we embrace the foundations of Ayurveda incorporated into our lifestyle. We apply different morning and evening routines that promote well-being and therefore they positively influence our health.

But what exactly is Ayurveda?

From the etymology explained, Ayurveda is assembled out of two separate words:

AYUR - life, vital force, eternity

VEDA - knowledge, wisdom, understanding

Ayurvedic medicine or Ayurveda is then the “science of life”, and is considered to be the oldest healing science. Many modern medicine- and healing practices draw their inspiration from Ayurveda, for example, Naturopathy.

The holistic approach to healing is what makes Ayurveda so unique in comparison to Western medicine. It takes into consideration all aspects of an individual's life, the body, mind, and spirit, and not merely as a collection of parts. For example, if a patient has pain in a particular part of the body, the Ayurvedic practitioner will look into everything they do: their personal hygiene, routines, sleep, diet, lifestyle, mindset, spirituality, the current season of where they live, and more.

Ayurveda is not looking to simply provide relief and cure when there is dis-ease, discomfort, and pain, but dials into the root cause of the dis-ease. Take out the dis-ease first, and as well adapt one’s life to their environment and their constitution, to heal and prevent the return of an illness.

Preventing, while the individual is still healthy. Promoting longevity and good health through the application of routines for the individual connected to their constitution, their true nature.

But there is more to Ayurveda. It teaches us how to live a more conscious life, what we surround ourselves with, and respect nature and the medicine that it contains for us. For we are merely a reflection of our environment and our environment is a reflection of ourselves and our behaviors and lifestyles.

Sebastian Pole ~ “We can’t talk about our own health without understanding our place in our environment, because in order to fulfill our potential we have to live in the context of our surroundings. We have to know our place in the ecosystem of which we are part, and this means living consciously: being aware of nature and how it affects us and how, in return, we affect nature”