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I am Tseyang, Tibetan, 1987 born in India.
I have been teaching yoga (personal/group) since 2013 and have been learning more skills over the years, such as, vipassana mediattion, aerial yoga, sound healing, and joining as many as retreats I can. Currently, due to covid I have been teaching online and came to Nubra valley, Ladakh at a resort called Lchang Nang and been here since July 18th, leading the wellness experience and teaching classes along with my online classes. 

I am looking forward to starting as the leader of Welikande

Yoga Retreats and bring my unique energy to this beautiful place. 

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I came to find yoga through a school project over 20 years ago.

Since then I have found my way to my mat on and off throughout the years, and in 2013 found a teacher training that really called to my heart.

Since my 500-hour teacher training, I have been fortunate to teach yoga in Canada, Costa Rica, Portugal, Germany and currently in Sri Lanka.

My personal practice is all about moving in a way that feels true and authentic to me, always connecting to my breath.

After a back injury last year, my practice has become even gentler and has helped me to connect with myself on a deeper level. Yoga has helped me recover and I feel stronger and more centered more now than ever before.

My personal style is focused on the breath, and always coming back to this place of stillness. My favorite yoga classes to teach are Yoga Nidra, Womb Yoga, and Restorative Yoga.

I also love facilitating new moon celebrations and helping women connect with the moon, the stars, one another and most importantly themselves.

We all move through cycles and rhythms, just like the seasons. Our practice will not be the same every day. Perhaps our soul seeks movement, or perhaps it is stillness. I encourage everyone to listen to their bodies and ask themselves what they truly need today. I help students connect with their breath and to look within for the answers they seek.

My other offerings include Holistic Nutrition, Raw Vegan Chef, Sound Therapist, Moon Mother, Womb Healer, Menstrual Coach and Tea Leaf Reader.