3 Day Paradise  Retreat



Yoga for Olivia is about finding the essential balance between yin and yang, sun and moon and masculine and feminine that so easily gets lost in our modern world. By finding balance on our mat, we are able to step into the world more whole, centered and present, and this is the gift that yoga gives us. 


Olivia is certified in Hatha, Vinyasa flow and Yin yoga and incorporates all these styles in her teachings. She believes that our breath is our connection to the universe and learning to breathe through mindful breathing practices and pranayama breathwork we are able to widen the gateway. She incorporates gentle breathwork into every class. 


Olivia believes that yoga is a personal practice done in a group setting, rather than just a group exercise class. Yoga is a way to connect with our bodies and the many layers of self, and the more intuitively we practice, the deeper this connection develops. She follows the mantra of “meet yourself where you’re at”, as only from this place of stillness, presence and self acceptance can we truly flourish and grow.


Olivia’s studies have taken her deeper into the Chakra system and how yoga can help balance the chakras. She is also a certified Shamanic Reiki practitioner and incorporates these healing principles into both her yoga teachings and Reiki practice. 


“By connecting to our self through movement and breath we are able to former a deeper bond with universe and uncover the illusion of separation, returning to a place of wholeness and oneness with all that is.”


I came to find yoga through a school project over 20 years ago.

Since then I have found my way to my mat on and off throughout the years, and in 2013 found a teacher training that really called to my heart.

Since my 500-hour teacher training, I have been fortunate to teach yoga in Canada, Costa Rica, Portugal, Germany and currently in Sri Lanka.

My personal practice is all about moving in a way that feels true and authentic to me, always connecting to my breath.

After a back injury last year, my practice has become even gentler and has helped me to connect with myself on a deeper level. Yoga has helped me recover and I feel stronger and more centered more now than ever before.

My personal style is focused on the breath, and always coming back to this place of stillness. My favorite yoga classes to teach are Yoga Nidra, Womb Yoga, and Restorative Yoga.

I also love facilitating new moon celebrations and helping women connect with the moon, the stars, one another and most importantly themselves.

We all move through cycles and rhythms, just like the seasons. Our practice will not be the same every day. Perhaps our soul seeks movement, or perhaps it is stillness. I encourage everyone to listen to their bodies and ask themselves what they truly need today. I help students connect with their breath and to look within for the answers they seek.

My other offerings include Holistic Nutrition, Raw Vegan Chef, Sound Therapist, Moon Mother, Womb Healer, Menstrual Coach and Tea Leaf Reader.